The Accessories

Favicon = $5
Adds a custom icon next to your url (web address) in the
address bar and window tab.

Post Signature = $5
Adds a custom signature to the bottom of each post.

Post Divider = $5
Adds a graphically created divider between each post.

Post Title Icon = $5
Adds a graphically created icon to the left of the title's post.

Sidebar Embellishment = $5 for each embellishment
Adds a custom coordinating graphic to dress-up
your sidebar.

Custom Post Title Font = $10
This replaces the Standard blogger post title font with a
graphically created font.

Custom Buttons/Badges = $5
Adds a custom design button/badge to your blog
or website with a URL link (s).

Custom Flashing Blinkies = $20
Adds a custom design blinkie with or without the
"GRAB ME" code (your choice). You get up to
10 flash frames included.